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What is the average shelf life of Vegeworth salads?
How long in advance do we need to place our order for salads
in the store?
On average a shelf life of 7 days, depending on the product, applies
To check the full shelf life range, please view the Product page.

It is advised that you contact the store early in the week and place your
order as the store needs to include your order with their regular stock
order for delivery later in the week. Vegeworth deliveries to stores are
normally made early in the week and again towards the weekend. As
there is no specific time by which the delivery reaches the store it is
recommended your order is only collected the following day, to prevent

When planning a function or a family braai, how much salad do
we need?

The amount of salad needed for a braai or function depends on what other dishes are being served at the function. It is recommended to work with a maximum of 300g of mixed salads per person. Eg: 3 salads with servings of approximately 100g per salad per person apply. Depending on the popularity of the salad, more or less can be ordered to avoid an out-of-stock or overstock position.

Eg: 30 people have a braai: 30 x 300g = 9kg of salad is recommended. If 3 different salads are required, for example, potato, coleslaw and pasta, then the potato, because of popularity, could be ordered in portions of 100g 140g per person; coleslaw in 80g to 100g portions per person and pasta salad in 80g to 100g portions per person.
Please also refer to the Party Planner page for more details.

Does Vegeworth supply on public holidays?
Vegeworth produces and delivers on all days except Christmas Day and
New Year’s Day.

Does Vegeworth supply direct to the public?
Unfortunately Vegeworth only supplies the public through the major
retail outlets.
Can Vegeworth salads be frozen?
It is not advisable to freeze Vegeworth salads.
In what size containers are salads available?
Where can I buy Vegeworth Salads?
For your convenience, the salads are packed in sealed tubs and trays,
ranging from 200g to 2.5kg, depending on the type of salad and amount
of salad required. The 1.25kg and 2.5kg trays are especially convenient
for entertaining as they can be served “as is” and guests can dish up
straight from these salad trays.

Please contact the Vegeworth factory on 011 902 3208 and the
telesales staff will refer you to the store nearest to you, currently
stocking Vegeworth salads. They will also guide you through their
popular salad lines and supply you with contact details for the store.
If you have any other questions or queries please refer to the
Contact Us page. Included in this page are Vegeworth’s contact details
and an easy way to get in touch.
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