Keeps salads fresher for longer to increase sales.

"Packaging compliments the product
If food looks good it tastes good"

Why Our Packaging?

There’s now a name for fresher salads in-store. Salads that keep their taste, texture & shelf-life intact for longer. lt’s Vegeworth.
Over the past 17 years, Vegeworth has developed more than 60 top selling salad recipes. It’s gained HAACP certification &
built the business to the point that it produces salads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Now, we’ve taken the salad business to a new level. We’ve installed a Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) packing line
& at the same time have completely revamped our range of packs. This has created huge benefits for your retail salad sales.

The line produces its own uniquely designed containers, fills & then seals them with the modified atmosphere. The packaging process,
keeps the salads fresher & crisper for longer, the reduced handling improves food safety & hygiene even further.
All the benefits of the packaging are built on a solid existing foundation for taste, hygiene & freshness.

1.25 kg Retail Packs

The new Vegeworth container range caters for single servings as
well as family dining occasions.

New bright & bold labels include full nutritional & ingredient disclosure
& general product information
of use to consumers.
Colour is used to identify low fat salads, fish salads & salads which
may be served hot or cold & the shelf life.

The permanently sealed lids minimise in-transit damage &
eliminate accidental spillage

2.5 kg Bulk Packs

The Vegeworth bulk pack is a neat, compact, 2.5kg deli-serving-tray
shape. This container has several important benefits for product
freshness, shelf life and waste.

  • At 2.5kg the tray is half the size of the previous bucket & half the price. No more wasting space with big 5kg buckets.
  • Easy identification of contents due to “see-through" tray film seal. lt has the full benefit of the MAP packaging extending shelf & storage life.
  • The tray is its own serving container in the deli, saving on the use and cleaning of deli serving dishes.
  • Dome lids which are hygienic, strong, crisp and clear are available to protect the 2.5kg tray once opened in the deli counter.
  • No more open, half full buckets left deteriorating in the cold room allowing easier stock control and less wastage.
  • The tray size has been designed to accommodate the decanting of salads into the self-service salad bars.
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